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UrDoc’s network offers a diversity of backgrounds from various countries. A multi-lingual medical consultation service right on your phone, UrDoc.

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Doctors’ Network

Gautam A. Deshpande, M.D.

American Embassy Tokyo
St. Luke's International University

Sufi Norhany, M.D.

JCHO Sapporo Hokushin Hospital
Department of General Medicine/Primary Care

Fumiya Kitamura, M.D.

Chubu Rosai Hospital, Aichi, Japan Department of Nephrology・Connective Tissue Disease

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User’s Story

I had a stomachache while I was on vacation in Hakone. I found an online helpline for foreigners, but the hospitals I was recommended were either closed, or had to turn me away because their doctors couldn’t speak English or Chinese. It was tough.
That’s when I found UrDoc. I explained my symptoms in English, they recommended me a hospital and I set off in 15 minutes. I was treated with no problems, and then the next day I was able to enjoy my vacation with my family.
I’m very grateful to UrDoc. Ms. Wai Wai from Hong Kong


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See a doctor in your languageon your phone

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