Medical consultation in your language when you have medical issues away from home
Available in 2018

Where can I get my usual medicine? Suddenly feeling sick etc...
UrDoc is a service to solve your health concerns during your stay in Japan.
Simple to use. Just choose an HCP (Healthcare professional) online on your smartphone App.
You can consult an HCP in your language. Service will be available in 2018.

Key Features

What user can do with UrDoc

  • Feel secured when sickness comes at you suddenly

    You can consult an HCP immediately during travelling in case if you suddenly feel sick, ran out of your medicine / etc...

  • Connect 24 hours 7 days anytime of the year from your smartphone App

    HCPs with various specialties will be there for you on the other side of your smartphone.

  • Consult in your language

    Registered HCPs language proficiency is easy to see at first glance. You can consult in the language most.

In preparation for Official Service Launch

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