New way of working
with UrDoc
Available in 2018

UrDoc is an entirely new medical service that aims to provide world-class online medical care by HCP (Healthcare professional) when foreign visitors require medical consultation for questions such as sudden medical illness or need for prescription medication renewals.
UrDoc will continue to grow our HCP network to change the sense of anxiety into comfort and security for more people from across the world.
UrDoc will start as an entirely new medical online service.

Key Features

What HCP can do with UrDoc

  • Anytime, anywhere on your spare time

    Between waiting time, spare time after work / holidays. At work, at home / in mobile.
    You can participate Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Contribute to the world with your language skills

    This service is for all visitors in the world. Any language is welcomed. A language or two, or even more.

  • New income source, new way of workstyle

    Any place / time is welcomed. Freedom and flexibility to earn whenever you can. A new workstyle.

In preparation for Official Service Launch

UrDoc will open HCP application for Healthcare professionals to participate in order to provide fullest service for official launch in 2018.
Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

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