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UrDoc Policy

Healthcare Team

Founder of UrDocKazunari Karahashi, M.D.

Sagamihara Kyodo HospitalDetails

Senior Medical AdvisorGautam A. Deshpande, M.D.

American Embassy Tokyo
St. Luke's International UniversityDetails

Partner DoctorSufi Norhany, M.D.

JCHO Sapporo Hokushin Hospital
Department of General Medicine/Primary CareDetails

Partner DoctorFumiya Kitamura, M.D.

Chubu Rosai Hospital, Aichi, Japan Department of Nephrology・Connective Tissue DiseaseDetails

Partner DoctorYohei Ejima, M.D.

Aichi Medical University, Department of Medicine, Division of Diabetes, Assistant ProfessorDetails

Senior Medical AdvisorSeigo Takano, M.D.

Hospital Manager of Sagamihara Kyodo HospitalDetails

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Legal Team

Legal ConsultantYoshiaki Takase

Takase General Office of Law
Legal Representative

Legal ConsultantChiaki Suzuki

Takase General Office of Law

Legal ConsultantTakaaki Suzuki

AIT General Office of Medical Law
Legal Representative・Doctor

Borderless healthcare is our mission.

UrDoc offers peace of mind to visitors and residents in Japan if they become sick or injured. UrDoc offers consultation with a doctor via our unique online platform connecting those needing medical help with doctors possessing both medical and foreign language skills.
By working together with a wide variety of doctors to support a large number of languages, we aim to create an environment in which anyone can receive the medical help they need in a language they understand, regardless of race, nationality, or location.
Doctors serving as consultants on UrDoc can make productive use of their language skills and free time to offer health consultations online. Joining in the sharing economy, the UrDoc system is designed to enable doctors to easily participate in a way that works for their busy lifestyles.
So that we can lend assistance to as many people as possible, we hope that as many doctors as possible will participate in our service. Founder of UrDoc / M.D.
Kazunari Karahashi

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